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Frequently asked questions

Using VBar Control flight analyzer is free of charge. However, developing software takes time, and even though it’s fun time a monetary compensation is always appreciated. Donate what you think VBar Control flight analyzer is worth by using the Paypal button below!

VBar Control flight analyser is supported in Windows 7 and up, older versions may work though.


You need to have a current sensor installed on your model for VBar control flight analyser to pick up your flight.


You will however not be able to see which flights belong to which control.


You can use ESC internal governors. You can even attach a RPM sensor to your ESC to get RPM reading. You will however not be able to se the true PWM value using ESC governor.


Works just as well as helicopters.


removing data is currently not supported.

The database is located in your home directory and the filename is .vcontrol.db (note the first dot).

Example: C:\users\linus\.vcontrol.db

Copy this file to your backup location.

Instructions for contacting is located at Help and support page.