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Sleipnir is a timing system for RC Aircraft. It works by measuring the time it takes the aircraft to fly between two cameras and calculates the speed. The accuracy has not been tested but should be in the realm of 1% if you run 250kmh on a 100M flight.

Sleipnir and surrounding documentation is in early stages of development, installation is a bit tricky. The end results should be very good even now though.

A few highlights of the system is:

  • Quick and easy to set up at the field
  • Immediate feedback of results using speaker*
  • No hardware required on the model
  • Built using standard hardware
  • Videos are saved and can be reviewed for accuracy
  • Very cheap for the accuracy it delivers
  • Free and open source

*Needs fast base station computer, Core I7-4720HQ tested to work. have a nice write-up of the early stages and development of the Sleipnir system.

See Sleipnir in action.